Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rocking It Out

So Stephy added her magic to our 'rockstar' pics and posted them up the other day - you can see them HERE - I love how they turned out!

I have kinda felt in rockstar mode since then...really need to wild out with my girls soon!
Here are a few after shots amature style I took afterwards :)


  1. Oh la la Reema. That last pic is amazing, You sure Rock \m/ x

  2. PINKYYYYY my gorgeous friend!!! thanks darling, i learn from YOU! lets meet up tmwwwwwww inworld! hows the move going! xxx

  3. Move is great, love my new home.. But rl is so much harder than sl lmao.. i cant pick things up all in one go drag to an inventory and then plop it all out at once grrrr lmao.. Im still living out of boxes. Im hoping my fitted closet will be put in this weekend.. Omg i will be in heven then lmao.. might have to move my pc into their :P

    So need to meet up, Me and jewel was talking about going to an 80's club and getting all dressed for the 80's :D you need to come.

    I not seen you in ages.. them lindens are burning a hole in my pocket for our shopping spree lol

  4. ohh that sounds so great pinky, yeah it always takes a while to get everything in its place!
    oh mah gah, definately up for the 80s clubbing thing with you and Jewel!!!! hahah, too cool! msg or plurk me when and ill be on hopefully! ill be inworld throughout today too! x