Friday, 30 September 2011


So I should tell you about Andy :)
He's one of my bestest friends on SL - I've known him for like the longest time ever.
He taught me alot about SL, and over the last 2 years or so we have became firm friends.

Don't get me wrong, we have had our ups and downs, alot of them! - but thats what friendships are all about!
There have been times where we have vowed never to talk to each other, and have not spoken to each other in the longest times....but we always end up making up, we just can at times really rile each other up....but we also know we can talk about whatever crap we want to to each other.

We take the piss out of each other alot, but thats just our thing :)               

He's been hurt by girls on SL in the past, and well, i've been hurt by the break up of me and my ex Gavin

He always tells me I need to be more confident, grab every chance, plunge into SL more deeper and change my look more often and frequently than i do. I always tell to not give his heart away so quickly.
But he is like the best person to go shopping on sl with, nope, he's not gay, LOL, but he has this knack to just know what outfit would suit you, or what AO / skin / shape to get. -Now you tell me, isnt that just the perfect thing in a best friend?!! lol.

-we're a right pair!! lol.

Andy and I have one of those friendships where we don't always get a chance to hang out with each other,
but when we do, it has no awkward silences and we get straight into our conversations.

Recently we have been making an effort to spend more time with each other.
Just recently i showed him around my sl house, he was shocked and actually admitted to me that he was quite upset for me when he saw i still had alot of pictures hung up of me and Gavin, in the hallway, the lounge, the bedrooms, the study....
He took the best friend role seriously then and insisted they all need to be taken down......i told him i will. soon...( i just dont know if i want to right now!)
Today it was a lovely suprise to get a chance to just hang out with him,

we chilled, we talked and put the worlds wrongs right :)

The haunted house

So after catching up with some friends I thought i'd have a little wandering time, (anyone who knows me realises i cannot let a day go by on SL without wandering around looking for something unusual and different!)

I came across this big derelict creepy looking house, on closer look i can see everything was blood soaked and it was sooooo creepy. Although I had to admire the absolute detail that somebody had obviously put in to make such an atmospheric house.

I headed inside to have a better look!

The 'do not cross' seal banner was already broken before i got there!!!

The detail put into this creepy house was unbelievable, although the amount of blood reallllyyyyy freaked me out!

interestingly enough, i could see old newspapers left on the floor inside.........

Reading this made me wish i wasnt wandering in there alone! - six in a family killed!!!

some 'interesting' graffiti

  ...It was at this point i ran out of the house and tp'd myself to my sl home!
...and had to blog about it!!!


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Just me n' my guns

Logged inworld today & was happily suprised to see that Ivan was online,

Ivan is one of the first guys I met on SL, he introduced me to the whole 'badass - kickass' concept you can do on SL. lol. He got me into shooting zombies and wearing fingerless gloves, (lol).

He TP'd me to China, (don't ask! the whole dark misty aura in the inworld China is soooo atmospheric and perfect for badass avatars lol!) - we both always don black apparel and saunter on over there ;p lol.

me scoping the horizon for anything evil to shoot at lol!!

Ivan trying to make me understand I cannot shoot the noob that arrived nearby LOL

(note the noob who arrived behind) - me shrugging innocently & assuring Ivan i would never shoot a noob!!! lol!

Trying to to get upset when Ivan would not let me use his awesome samurai sword! 

A woman's work is never done :)

of course there's always time to check your emails :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sometimes u just want to do nothing

..and there's a beauty in that itself :)

Today i logged in,
 i could see several friends online but i put my busy mode on, lol.

 i dont normally do that, i just desperately need to sort my inventory out don't need to kow the state that is in!..

And i guess i was in one of those certain quiet moods, when you just want to be alone.

lol, i love this rocking chair, i saw it and HAD to have it lol, i felt like i should be knitting or something lol!
 don't knock it, its a pretty awesome rocking chair! :)   

Friday, 23 September 2011

Dressing up - Bollywood Style!

You know those days in SL when you just feel like dressing up but nowhere to go?

Yep, that's how i felt, and i really felt like bringing out all my ethnic eastern style wear and act all 'bollywood - ish''

...Well, my poor attempt at it anyway!

(Note that i had went last night with a cousin of mine to watch a bollywood film and i think that got me in the mood!) - i completely got lost and involved in the film, coming out desiring to be sung to and dance in fields of flowers...well hey i guess thats what SL is for lol  :)


Clothes which make me laugh

One of my good friends sent me some tops which he knew i'd!

I laugh at the wierdest things rl and sl, sometimes when im with friends in either, i end up still snorting with laughter long after everyone else has finished. Or i burst into laughter about something no one else finds funny.

I skyped the friend who sent them to me and he had me in fits of laughter when he told me he saw them and thought i was the only girl on his sl list who would wear something like that..

what can i tell you, im a classy woman :)

''maybe not 6 minutes, id say my next mood swing is in 3 mins'' lol!

Gardening in sl...who needs a man? :)

So i logged in early yesterday inworld and spent a while trying to sort out my new sl house.

I figured i should actually try take a look and sort out my back gardens,

who needs a man right? i can totally sort it out! lol

I loved it :) i am so going to spend more time in my gardens, its so relaxing,

After my ex, being in our old house just really overwhelmed me with memories, and i just was constantly down.

i cant tell you how good having a new house, new surroundings around me to help me move on a bit, in a positive happy way :)

me laughing as i turned the sprinklers on and got soaking wet!

me deciding to continue getting wet & getting into a more comfortable position :) lol

daydreaming in the 'rain' - refreshing i tell you :) wondering what i do with!

as you can se, i'm pretty lazy ;)

'hiding' from the garden work lol

having a well deserved drink :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A little praying never hurts

I love it when your on SL and a friend immediately sends you an TP request with a custom text entered.

No hi, how are you, no formalties. oh no, not with us lot.

I could not help but grin as I read the TP msg
' Get your ass here Reems!'
and immediately clicked teleport.

this time a friend had taken me to a snowtopped mountanious haven,
so quiet, lag free, but beautiful detail everywhere,
from the little cracks on the petering winding paths to the beautiful foliage...

we decided to see who can kick who's ass with an impromptu kung fu fight.

I dragged him to sit down,  to pray that the other one sucks.

Turned out he kicked my ass -
but i blame my heels - or i didnt pray hard enough that his ass would get kicked :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Time out

Some of the problems of having friends on SL who are dotted all over the world means you sometimes have to wait around for them all to log on.

...which isnt always a bad thing :)

Anyone who knows me on sl knows that I love 'me' time, normally that means exploring and never sitting in one place.

so i thought i'd capture this rare moment of me sat reading at the back gardens  of my sl home,