Saturday, 31 December 2011

The year gone by and the one that is near...

I thought i'd write a quick post before heading out about the New Year and the year just gone.

Im the type of girl that is very family orientated in RL (I havent really done the whole family thing in SL yet!).

Growing up I remember at times just so frustrated by having so many sisters,
so many ppl in the house, sharing bedrooms, waiting forever to go to the bathroom, fighting over outfits, squabbles over

I think of all those things now and it makes me smile, they're all such fond memories...
I think thats why I've always said to myself that when I'm all 'grown up' and married like my sisters,
I will have a lot of children..(God willing). i used to say when I was a kid, that i'd have a football team lol.

Despite the MANY arguments and bitching sisters and brothers do, I realised the long and hard way of a family's worth, its priceless.
there's no one more willing to fight FOR you,
to support you in reaching your dreams,
to celebrate victories with you whilst knowing what it cost you to get there.....

I'll be forever grateful to God for giving me all of my siblings,
for allowing us to know, when we are all older, to still love each other fiercely and be there.

The last year has been a big one for all my family,
there has been new a niece and a nephew born,
houses bought,
a family death which shattered us,
and so many birthdays...
whilst next year its my brothers wedding....

Everything has brought my family more closer and tighter as a unit.

I pray the New Year continues that,
may we all be healthy, happy and surrounded by the ones we love.

I'm not even sure if many ppl read this blog, it's something I find comfort in, and I love voicing my thoughts and enconters in SL on here. And I really appreciate the guys that do read this, your feedback and positivity has meant alot to me.
I started out only 2 months or so ago with this blog, it's brought  me much pleasure and it's enabled me to meet fantastic ppl inworld in SL along the way.

I sincerely hope this continues next year

Happy New Year guys! May we all be blessed x

Can someone say Partaaaay?

I am SO in the mood to party tonight! Cannot wait!
Seems like theres so many events and parties happening inworld and RL!
I spent a little time inworld this morning trying on what must have been a zillion oufits, different hairstyles and makeup - all part of the fun!
Here's hoping you have an awesome New Years Eve guys! :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Out in the cold

My Mum always told me that out of all my siblings,
I was the one who when it came to winter time, enjoyed it the most.
I'd be outside ALL the time, and i'd never wrap up warm, ever.
She tells me she used to run after me with my coat shouting so loud she would wake the living dead up,
but i'd never listen.
I would embrace the cold wind, the misty clouds that the cold air made you breathe out, the glistening ice,
the cold never ever bother me.

In a world where things are ever changing - its good to know some things do not change :)


Just could not get my ass outta bed today for work.
And even when I did eventually get up,
I was so lazy I just kind of sat around wasting time, feeling sorry for myself, and wishing I did not have to go to work.
Having time off really messes up your body system.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Personal Trainer

So after stuffing myself with unlimited amounts of food over the Christmas period, and yep, more stuffing faces to be done on New Yrs Eve and New Years, i figured it would be a good idea to head over to the gym inworld earlier.
The gym owner Duc was there again on hand offering me advice and tips.
He ended up working me through all the machines and checking I was doing everything right...
(Gawd, I always end up doing everything 50x crappier when someones watching)
- and then Duc insisted I needed to have a massage afterwards to unwind my muscles.
I did resist but he said he knew what he was doing & practically dragged me there.
I kinda clammed up and went as red as a tomato during the massage,
made my excuses midd-massage and ran outta the gym like the wind,
Duc must have been proud at my speed right?

i did suggest to Duc to hang a piece of cake in front of me to make me run faster, he just gave me a look that shut me right up

10 mins later and i'm like dying right here and trying not to collapse

''yes sir!''
yep, such a flattering shot of me right??

So i'm feeling so awkward here, & esp when he looks at me like i'm a kid when i insist on leaving my underwear on.*coughs* - i ran off like the wind 2 mins after this..
...anyone want my gym membership? :P

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


One of my long time friend made an appearance inworld - can i get a YAY?!
Now Pav is one of my best friends inworld, I can be such a retard in front of him, and he  won't even bat an eyelid - He says its because he's used to it, after knowing me for about 2 years inworld!

We hung out, talked, danced and chilled - I really do wish he was online alot more than he is.

You know when you have a great friend, and how it just sucks when they are not inworld the same times as you, thats just crappy right?!
Hence how I excited I get when we do get those rare moments to hang out.
Here's to you Pav!

busting my moves to Lady Gaga :p

Monday, 26 December 2011


You know when you feel so tired that you cant open your eyes, and your heads so heavy that you vow you will always sleep at a decent hour? 
- I feel like that now.
*rests her head against the table and closes her eyes*

But recalling last night with all the family will always bring a smile :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

A very Happy Christmas guys!

Hey guys! I hope you've all been having a FABULOUS day!!
I have been too-ing and froo-ing between all my families homes today, eating feast after feast!
I am so stuffed right now I cannot even move!

Having so many sisters and brothers, it's rare that we all get together under one roof.
And being of a mixed background, (my mother is English and my father is Arab),
it was so good celebrating Christmas with all of us there - whether it's when we're celebrating Eid, or Christmas, our mixed cultures always gives us these chances for the whole family to get together, for which I am truly thankful.
Mum made us all come to the family house first thing, we all gathered there where Mum had laid down a feast for a King, (good thing too, my family members do love their food, and especially spicy!)
the noise was deafening! So many kids, adults talking, laughing, music on,
- couldnt be better.

I'd like to take time out to thank God for giving me my family, and so many ppl to love :)

Happy Christmas guys - i hope you've stuffed your faces!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Snowy memories

I was on Plurk earlier when there was a talk on making snowmen,
i used to loveeeeee making snowmen, back when we were kids, us siblings used to have competitions,
'sisters against brothers' on who could make the best snowman,
 it was awesome, there were more of us sisters so we always won.
- until our brothers suddenly had growth spurts and ended up being 6 ft tall lanky guys and could make the most unbeatable snowmen ever!
Us sisters havent won the snowman contest in years now lol.
Even now, during this time of year, when all the family get together, (of course now including all my siblings little kids so its a riot), and we still have the ritual of making snowmen, but its called 'girls against boys', but they  outnumber us now, what with all the nephews we have!
I decided to venture out inworld and try see if i could make an awesome snowman,
turns out I'm pretty rubbish ;p

yeah, i didnt make that big one on the right, see the small little pile on the floor, thats what I made :)

I think this snowman has a little too much xmas spirit!!

Getting into the Groove

Last night i logged inworld and once I had my 'exporer fix' done and over with,
I met up with Hakim who insisted on dragging me to a dance/beach club, i was hesitant, as i've kind of gotten over that whole clubbing dancing phase - I used to go to every single club on the grid back in the day and dance every night away. Nowadays I love just chilling with my close friends or exploring.
I threw my doubts away and allowed Hakim to drag me to the dance floor,
where I really let my hair down! I ended up having such a good night and such a laugh.
I may show my face in some dance clubs more often now :)

I was so high on adrenaline at this time I insisted that Hakim and I recreate the whole 'Dirty dancing' lifting in the air move.......uh oh...despite all the inworld gymming I've been doing, all the cakes and junk food i've been gorging on, i think made Hakim struggled to lift me up fully..

yes!!!! im in the air!!! im flying!

and i come crashing down to earth ! - oh the shame! ;)

he took me to smoke some shisha after to soothe my bruised ego :p

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Hanging out with Jase

Had a brief outing with Jase yesterday inworld, he's always a great laugh, and despite his appearance, a true gentleman ;p lol.We raved, danced & went bowling, we were going to have a quick bite to eat but he had to go :(

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

It occurred to me at once,
That love could be a great illusion,
That makes fools of brilliant thinkers everyday,
And turns hearts of stone and steel
To a place where they would feel like they are falling.

Is it any surprise that you feel so overrun?
And all this time you had no one to tell you how to love..
And do you thinks it's unwise to go and break yourself on this one?
And all this time you didn't know love .


Coffee Break

Me and my friend Hakim had a good old catch up inworld,
we ended up in Effington, Brownstones Cool Beans Cafe, drank coffee, and had a good old gossip.
What a great way to start of the day ;)