Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Into the Light...


52 weeks of colour challenge - Patina

Another week, another colour challenge by Luna Jubilee!
I kept putting off this colour as i found it so hard to find anything in the colour Patina!
If i'm being honest, I didn't even know what exact colour Patina was! lol. yes, i did just admit that :p
After finding a patina-esque coloured dress, I kept the pictures simple this time round

Helping out

So recently I have been 'staying' at one of my best friends house inworld while I look for the perfect home.

I must admit, its soooo much more fun living with someone you can have such a laugh with, she's let me stay there and told me to feel completely at home. Her sense of style is spot on, and considering shes on the other side of the world, it's sooo awesome to be hanging out with her in a place where you can see so much of her personality shine out.

This morning I figured I'd wake up, have my breakfast, take the bins out and bake some cupcakes for her, as a way of saying thank you. :) - no wait, it;s because i'm so amazingly nice like that ;p

some light morning reading

wondering what to do to surprise my bestie...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The downside of being 'between houses' inworld, is that you have to wash your clothes at your friends house!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Riding the waves

So my old friend Rina messages me inworld and says she will teach me to surf.

Now my friends know I don't tend to do the whole surfing thing inworld,
I'm not even sure why that is, but I just never have seemed to have done that or gotten around to it.

She drags me over, gets me on a board, but before she begins teaching me,
we end up analysing her love life inworld and don't even shift our asses from the surfboards!

- our asses were getting kinda sore so we shifted our lazy selves over to the beach bar and did what we do best - Nothing. BLISS

Some guy comes over and buys us drinks - we're not ones to refuse :)

He kept our glasses filled up all night - result :)

52 weeks of colour challenge - Iron

Week 4 of Luna's colour challenge and I'm really immersing myself into the weekly tasks of sorting through your inventory for clothes, accessories, shoes, backdrop to match the week's colour - it's so much fun!

I really enjoyed this week's colour Iron and it's fantastic to have a browse through everyone else's choice of style and setting for each colour each week! - Here goes!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Breaking the ice

You know those mornings when it's so cold, when you need to get from A to B
but to lazy to de ice your car?
Thats me , pretty much.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back to the Roots


Andre is one of my SL friends who lives on the other side of the world,
He is an extremely grounded kind of guy, he has me captivated for hours with his pearls of wisdom
- i come to him for advice, logic and reasoning
- and god, do i need all of that in heaped teaspoons!
Its a great feeling when theres someone who has your back. Always

Friday, 20 January 2012

A little help from my friends

One of the friends I have met through blogging  is fellow blogger Pinky

We realised that we have alot of things in common so just clicked with each other immediately
- you know the type of new friend where its just easy & comfortable to hang out with? thats Pinky.

Knowing that I was looking for a new home, she reached out and took me to alot of pretty awesome furniture stores inworld to give me ideas, and showed me her home aswell (which is SO cute)
- I just wanted to buy everything she showed me but had to force myself to wait. ;p

We spent a while today at MMG furniture and a few other places, although I must admit, we did get distracted a fair bit by all the things on offer :)

Me & Pinky

decisions decisions!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

100th Post!

- I know, does not sound like much right?
But for me its alot! especially since my Blog is just a fun light hearted way to express and portray my SL life,
even in this short space of time I have been blogging, I have met some amazing friends through here, which has made me very happy - here's to the next 100 posts!

starting afresh

Thinking back throughout my time in SL, I have always had my own place, a base for me to chill out, my own home, whether its been sharing with my besties, or the one time with Gavin. Every single home has been absolutely brilliant for me with alot of great memories.

I am a very fidgety 'can't stand still' type of girl, like I have to see what new furniture & homes are out there on offer. In the past I've changed homes so many times, from adorable skyboxes to lovely luxurious homes.

Where I have been living at the moment is an adorable one bedroom little place, very quaint, I do love it but its a lot smaller than my previous homes, which makes it more homely - but i start to go stir crazy and want to use my folders of other furniture to fill up, but the lack of space makes that impossible!

I thought that after Gav I could do with a small cosy place, I think that has worked its magic on me,
but the timings right now to change it up, new year, new me, it feels like its the perfect time to look for pastures new! Here goes the search!
Any suggestions of sims or homes / land for sale would be greatly appreciated!   

Road works

Seems like they are everywhere and anywhere!Can't get away from them in either world!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

52 weeks of colour challenge - Electric Indigo

Week 3 of Luna's colour challenge and I adore this colour so much!
I did initally want to go dressy and more formal for this colour, but i have had this indigo wrap top from Paperdoll in my inventory for a while and just had to wear it for this

Monday, 16 January 2012