Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monday, 28 November 2011


I was afk inworld whilst doing some reports for work rl
*coughs* us females ARE pretty awesome at multi-tasking...
although being afk doesnt take up too much work ;p
Just throw on a decent outfit, park yourself somewhere pretty and strike a pose lol.

When i minimised my rl work screen and brought up SL again I was over the moon to see my old friend Nico online.

He had left me 4 TP requests, no msg no nothing,
Nico the one who i have not hung out with inworld for god knows how long.lol. typical him though.

I trawled through his TP requests and realised they were all furniture stores.
I accepted the last TP he sent and we ended up with me helping him buy a new wardrobe lol.
We eventually found some lovely ones but Nico is pretty fussy, he wanted 'sliding' doors not standard doors, then the sliding doors were not the right colour...or had the right handles..
He's worse than us women I swear!!! lol.

I begged him for a lie down on the department store beds just to catch a breather......
That teaches me though, playing inworld while there are RL reports to do ;p

The kind of friend..

Ever have the kind of friend, who you havent known very long as others,
But you just fall into that kind of zone with them?
Where you can talk about rubbish, have the exact same sense of humour, and can comfortably sit together for absolutely ages without no awkwardness?
Hell, she sat there knitting while I spewed out a whole load of crap and didnt fall asleep!
Well, my friend Bhaio is one of those, I'm really thankful wecame across each other, she's an absolute sweety :)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

Excuse me...Taxi !!

I headed over to Regent Street in London when i logged inworld this evening, I figured that I would start making a dent on my Christmas shopping list....I loveeee this time of year, deciding what to get your loved ones, all the upcoming parties, family gatherings, the way the evenings get darker earlier, i adore Winter soooo much!

So i flagged down a taxi (eventually)
when I started haggling the fare price with the driver before I even got in,
(I know , I know, who does that?!!!! I guess the arab part of me is more alive that I thought, jeez....the numerous times my father used to embarrass me doing that during my childhood!) lol.
The driver refused point blank to agree on a fixed fare.....well, i'll let the pictures do the talking ;)

He ended up refusing to give me a ride, and that's when I noticed I had even missed the bus too :(

I then managed to get to ride an awesome scooter :) happy days :)

I revved the scooter and eventually found the very same taxi driver in some traffic...

...I overtook him and did my very best to keep my ass in front of him and drive v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y     ;p

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So i stop by Rays Pizza place for the one thing that will perk me up - good old pizza :)
I'll skip the gym today :) 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Inworld memories

It's wierd how in RL your life is pretty good (for which im grateful for), I enjoy my work, i have a great network of family and friends, and im actually at a stage when im really happy.
Then theres SL, this whole inworld community and relationships you've built up over time, great friends, loves, laughter, soulmates in this fantasy world - the way it can just overtake you and you forget your RL at times - it's just so surreal how it can be
I finally took down the pics of Gavin and me from our old inworld home.
I caught up with a good friend of mines inworld, Becca, she was Gavins friend before mine, but we stayed good friends since after me and Gav ended. She's pretty awesome. She has more contact with Gav than i do, hearing her talk of Gav and how he's doing kind of made me sad, you know, me not knowing what hes up to...
Isnt it wierd how there was a time when there would be no nonstop contact with a special someone, and then to have it completely gone? .... I do miss him alot. His absence inworld is definately more than missed.
what do they say..? its better to have loved to have never loved at all? - I guess i'll try my best to remember that

Monday, 21 November 2011


You played me to the left,
Now there's nobody left,
To hear you complaining,
I'm gone, and all your hearing is your own echo.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ever woken up in a strange place

...and have no bloody clue how and why?

*coughs innocently*
well....thats the last time I dress like a hoe and get drunk with my 'so called friends' ;)

Having the munchies

...and my fridge has nothing in there that i want to eat!

When I was a little girl, when the school week was over, me & my siblings used to sleep real late on a friday night, knowings its the weekend the next day, and we always used to sneak to the kitchen at midnight looking for something to eat,
Mum used to call it the 'munchies' lol, and told us off for eating all the junk food, she always used to tell us the best things are not readymade, they're homemade.     

With that in mind, I dusted off a cookbook and started to bake something that hopefully won't poison me :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Catching up

So i finally managed to surface from RL workload and spend time inworld today,
it felt SO good to be back inworld again after a few days off,
- and thankfully my computer sorted itself out and actually let me log in this time, i can't tell you how many issues i've had the last few days with logging in, grrrrrrr, it was doing my head in!
Eventually logged in and literally threw myself on my sofa and spent a while lounging around the house while catching up on notecards, IMs and caught up inworld,
I then decided to freshen up do what we girls do best  & shop!
Happy days :)

Oh and these days i have been blonde more and more often inworld, and i'm realllllyyyy growing to like it :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

All work and no play..

...makes Reema a very tired and stressed girl!

RL workload has really been weighing on me which has resulted in me not having my normal time inworld that i do love having. I get this whole deprived feeling when i'm not having my SL fix and blogging (i realise how sad that sounds!)
Roll on the weekend - I need to let my hair down!


Feeling yellow,
I'm confused inside, a little hazy but mellow
When I feel your eyes on me.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011