Thursday, 31 May 2012

Birthday Boy

So it was someone very close to me's birthday today, So I spent yesterday night decorating his backyard inworld, the theme was tacky, the tackier the better lol. I think I did lower the tone of his grand home but hey, it was for a special occassion!
He loved it, RESULT!

LOL. the birthday boy has a thing about banana's - this pic was a birthday gift LOL.

suitably impressed me thinks!

Monday, 28 May 2012


Okay, so fellow SL blogger and good friend Jewel recently did a blog post answering some very interesting questions about SL life, she then decided to return the favour and ask her friends some questions too.
I love these sorts of things and her answers really made me laugh, so here's my attempt at answering her questions.

1. where is the best place you have been on sl so far?
Okay, it's hard to pinpoint the best place so far, but one of my ultimate places is a place called Gulf Lane, its a very nicely done sim, not very crowded, it has that whole leafy, long grass, laid back feeling and vibe there. I prefer the quieter, simpler sims and this is definately one of them. It may not be the most exciting place, but for me, its just perfect.

2. whats the the weirdest thing thats happened to you in sl?
LOL, well, this could take all day, what do I say here, from the insane sex related requests from strangers, to random IMs requesting unmentionable things in return for linden. SL is a crazy wierd place but i guess that is why we love it so much. One of the wierdest was probably when me and a good friend went to 'France' inworld dressed as slutty French maids with a memorised sex crazed phrase (from google translate) to say to anyone that breathes there. Several French guys went crazy and were literally running after us, all i remember is being in fits of laughter, running from these guys up and down the Eiffel Tower. It was one of those you had to be there moments. lol.

3. If you could change one thing about sl what would it be and why?
Not so much change, but I hate the fact I have such good friends on different timezones,
Oh wait, actually, if i wanted to change something it would be the crazy laggyness of some sims which causes my damn comp to crash every so often. HATE that. laggy-ness needs to be abolished!

4. do you collect anything in sl? if so what?
mmm collect? lol, well, thanks to a friend of mine inworld, he got into the whole 'pranking' silly joking side of SL, so i am in the midst of collecting very funny, cheesy, lame ass prankster suits, objects and accessories. Lol, its something funny we do when we hang out together, you know the drill, fart bombs, the works!

5. whats your favourite thing you own in sl?
It's a beautiful jewellery set that a good friend of mine gifted me a long time ago. Don't often wear it because it is so elaborate, but I adore it. It's sentimental for me.

EDIT: Ok, so i stupidly forgot to post MY questions to ppl i want to ask! LOL.
So these are to: Jewel, Pinky, Geanna, Saffie

1. Who's the one person youve ever met in SL who you are most grateful for?
2. Have you ever been in love inworld?
3. What is your favourite hair to wear? as in your ultimate fave?
4. Have you ever flirted with someone who is 'off limits'? as in, an ex of a friend etc? have you done anything you regretted?
5. Describe your cutest go to outfit inworld