Monday, 26 March 2012


So a friend of mine through Plurk Geanna asked me to pose for a pic on her blog.
I was so excited, Geanna is awesome at taking pics and she made it so easy and quick! It was over before I knew it!
What's really cool is that Geanna's blog concept is unique, she takes pictures of other SL'ers in their own individual style. I decided to go in my preferred style, casual with jeans!
Here are a couple 'behind the scene' pics.
Can't wait to see her final pics of it! Particularly because she also asked our friend Stephy to pose aswell!
(Geanna will be taking her pic separately tonight!)
Love you Girls!
Geanna & Me

Me & Geanna <3

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  1. Reema I just see this post, muah!! you're the best!