Wednesday, 14 March 2012


A new friend from Plurk, Sands, arranged to meet up with me inworld, it's always nice to meet plurk friends inworld so i happily accepted :)
We got talking about alot of things, from the random to the vague! lol


  1. Oh wow love the hair Reema. Im starting to think you live at the bean hehe. But its so pretty how can you not want to meet up with a mate and have a good gossip their :D Not to mention the coffee is yum haha. Not seen you in a bit. Hope all is ok x

  2. pinky i love this hair too, its one of my faves, im on a hair buying streak at the moment lol. yes, the bean is just too cosy not to go to! haha. hopefully see you inworld soon? miss ya! x