Monday, 30 April 2012

Where were you when I needed you?

It's been some time since I've actually blogged properly, RL has been getting in the way bigtime,

Ive recently come back from a 3 week holiday to the Far East, which was a once in a lifetime experience.

Since coming back, Ive felt ...odd, like, experiencing things abroad,
and meeting long lost family members whom I have never met before from my father side of the family, meant so much....and living as ppl live there,
such a simple lifestyle, being happy with 'so little', it made me really take persepective on my own life here in the UK, and take a good long hard look at myself.
I've been back for a week now and still have not really had the chance to log inworld and do what i used to, as RL work has been piling up waiting for me!
Here's to when my hectic period ends and i can go back to what i love, exploring inworld and catching up with friends.


    So good to see you, Glad you had an awesome get away :D but dang i missed you girl :P Hope to see you soon x

    girl, its SO good to see u!!! i had an awesome time!!
    but on the other hand im so glad to be back and catch up!!!
    Must meet up soon! missed you! <3