Friday, 28 October 2011

Hanging out with the soldiers

I came across a military base inworld and decided to check it out.

Turns out the soldiers are really friendly and couldnt wait to show me around and take me for a flight.

Being a fan of emoting and having really stimulating interesting conversations, the soldiers suprised me when i noticed that they emote REALLY well (im not sure why i did not expect them too! lol) but i was happy :)

I ended up hanging out there most of the day with them..considering i dont normally go to these sorts of places, i was very pleasantly suprised!

One of the soldiers let me be a passenger in his aircraft and took me on a tour of their base :)

He made me laugh alot and said he will teach me to fly some of their most badass planes one day - result!
when i decided it was time to leave, i was walking to the civilian area where there were a bunch of ppl hanging around watching.

I noticed this one guy had this awesome scar on his face skin and i just could not resist going up to him
(dont ask - im a sucker for guys with that whole chiseled scarred look :/ ).

....... but then i kinda got the feeling his scary looking girlfriend did not approve me being next to him!
*rolls eyes* i mean come on! i'm not stealing him off her or anything, gawwwddd, i was being a perfectly polite stranger with a fondness of scars thts all!! *grins*

can't a girl check out a guys scar inworld anymore!

me wanting a closer look at his scar - perfectly innocent!!

if looks could kill.........she'd have killed me by now

at this point she dragged him away

- I hope she didnt beat the shit out of him! She was quite scary!

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