Thursday, 20 October 2011

Taking in the view

Went for an afternoon walk
( i'm a bit obsessed with wandering about strange places on my own)
- i 'm just a wierdo i know!
As I was walking I loved how so many houses were all done up for Halloween,
ghosts, blood, cobwebs, smoke, so much detail, i absolutely loved it!

I'm a big fan of residents who put so much effort and time into things inworld,
so I just had to put up some pictures of the amazing 'Halloween Houses' I saw on my way

a bloody pool...nice!

This pumpkin tried to eat me!!

This hut actually smokes up and moves to try eat you!

the spooky house gathered quite a lot of attention

this little girl was soooo cute, she came up to me asking for candy

i didnt have any :( so She went to the spooky house to get some treats, i tried to warn her not too!! the ghouls and ghosts set on her! bless her!


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