Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fields of Gold

One of my favourite things inworld is to just take some time out and have a walk around,
enjoy the surroundngs, take in the view. Evrytime i log inworld, I have to take some time out to do this.

One of my good friends inworld,  Grace, had a good long heart to heart with me lastnight,
she told me that since Gav left, I've withdrawn myself from our circle of friends.
That suprised me alot...I knew i have lately tended to be the first out of our friends to get up and make excuses to leave, but that's just because I have to get my 'wandering' fix dealt with - and that I wanted my 'coupled friends' to have time to themselves.
Grace understood that, but she argued the point that i never used to care about that

It has been several months since Gav and I split, and i do think i've been fine,
ive had my lows, espiecally now it seems that Gav lately has even stopped contacting me or responding,
so even our 'friendship' seems to have disintegrated...
which is always a sad thing in always do hope that the friends and partners you have you will always be in touch with, and be close.
but my friends have really rallied around me, and ive really begum to enjoy SL again, as a single girl(!)

I came across a beautiful isolated sim near Bimini, all windswept, leaves everywhere and long grass with yellow flowers....i love that kind of thing

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