Tuesday, 1 November 2011

He always said...

... ''that knowledge is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you''

I could not help but remember my Grandads words as I spent a quiet night inworld at the Library near Balbao Pacific.  It was quiet, empty and had that whole musty, atmospheric vibe resonating there.
I loved it.

It reminded me of when i was young and sat in my Grandads study, sat cross legged on the carpet with my sisters and brothers, at his feet, hanging onto his every word.
Even now it makes me smile when i recall us siblings, mouths open, eyes wide, unblinking, staring in love & awe at Grandad, listening to his soft lilting voice, the slight quaver when he talked about his experiences in wars, his poverty ridden childhood in the East, his struggle to arrive in the UK and raise his family here, in peace with solid, genuine, satisfactory work where his children, grandchildren & greatchildren can make the most of what is at hand and flourish.

''Remember Kids, education...knowledge is a virtue....no one can ever ever take that away from you.''

It was one of those wierd, unusual times in SL where thoughts, surroundings and memories harmonised with each other and time was a blur.

I spent a while inworld sat in that library, lost in thought, and not wanting to get up and lose the moment.

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