Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Inworld memories

It's wierd how in RL your life is pretty good (for which im grateful for), I enjoy my work, i have a great network of family and friends, and im actually at a stage when im really happy.
Then theres SL, this whole inworld community and relationships you've built up over time, great friends, loves, laughter, soulmates in this fantasy world - the way it can just overtake you and you forget your RL at times - it's just so surreal how it can be
I finally took down the pics of Gavin and me from our old inworld home.
I caught up with a good friend of mines inworld, Becca, she was Gavins friend before mine, but we stayed good friends since after me and Gav ended. She's pretty awesome. She has more contact with Gav than i do, hearing her talk of Gav and how he's doing kind of made me sad, you know, me not knowing what hes up to...
Isnt it wierd how there was a time when there would be no nonstop contact with a special someone, and then to have it completely gone? .... I do miss him alot. His absence inworld is definately more than missed.
what do they say..? its better to have loved to have never loved at all? - I guess i'll try my best to remember that


  1. Totally know what you mean Reema, only in my case it's missing friends, some that where here last year and aren't now. just makes me sad thinking of them, espiecally around christmas time... *hugs* keep smiling :)


  2. *smiles* thanks Jewel, awww, i guess that's the way SL runs! the upside is that you do comoe across some amazing ppl when you least expect it!