Monday, 28 November 2011


I was afk inworld whilst doing some reports for work rl
*coughs* us females ARE pretty awesome at multi-tasking...
although being afk doesnt take up too much work ;p
Just throw on a decent outfit, park yourself somewhere pretty and strike a pose lol.

When i minimised my rl work screen and brought up SL again I was over the moon to see my old friend Nico online.

He had left me 4 TP requests, no msg no nothing,
Nico the one who i have not hung out with inworld for god knows how typical him though.

I trawled through his TP requests and realised they were all furniture stores.
I accepted the last TP he sent and we ended up with me helping him buy a new wardrobe lol.
We eventually found some lovely ones but Nico is pretty fussy, he wanted 'sliding' doors not standard doors, then the sliding doors were not the right colour...or had the right handles..
He's worse than us women I swear!!! lol.

I begged him for a lie down on the department store beds just to catch a breather......
That teaches me though, playing inworld while there are RL reports to do ;p

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