Thursday, 12 January 2012

when SL gets complex

The new year has only just begun and already there seems to be alot of drama in SL,

There has been a shock breakup of one of my best girlfriends with her longtime partner inworld, and thats resulted in alot of bitterness and negativity between them.

Its not nice to see, especially knowing how close they were before. If I'm being honest, I would have never seen this coming, I won't divulge the circumstances or reasons on here or the background, but its a big shock seeing such a change of feeling and emotion between two people who were once so unbelievably close.

I've learnt my lesson in the past about trying to help out and keep the peace, so all I can do is be there for both of them and be part of the 'normality' within their lives inworld.

In a way it made me realise how blessed I am that me and my ex partner Gav, ended things 'amicably' and on good terms, as in there will always be love between us, we will always care and always be there for each other.
We did not have all this bitterness and regretful words I am seeing now..

I realise circumstances are different for every individual, and I try my best to never judge anyone, I guess in the end all you want for your friends are for them to be happy, whether that is in RL or SL.

I don't believe anything can benefit from negative words and judging, SL should not be about that, hell RL should not even be like that, but RL is not an ideal world at times.

At times like these it really makes you think about how involved and 'real' SL can get,
whatever people may think of avatars, pixels, unreal emotions - there is a person behind every avatar, real emotions, real friendships and bonds made. I adore my inworld friends, and alot of them have trangressed into RL in some ways, our contact is daily, and I do feel lucky to have met them.

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  1. Second Life is crazy like that, it can totally warp your mind if you let it, depending on the ppl you meet, it can either be something great, or something of no use.