Thursday, 19 January 2012

starting afresh

Thinking back throughout my time in SL, I have always had my own place, a base for me to chill out, my own home, whether its been sharing with my besties, or the one time with Gavin. Every single home has been absolutely brilliant for me with alot of great memories.

I am a very fidgety 'can't stand still' type of girl, like I have to see what new furniture & homes are out there on offer. In the past I've changed homes so many times, from adorable skyboxes to lovely luxurious homes.

Where I have been living at the moment is an adorable one bedroom little place, very quaint, I do love it but its a lot smaller than my previous homes, which makes it more homely - but i start to go stir crazy and want to use my folders of other furniture to fill up, but the lack of space makes that impossible!

I thought that after Gav I could do with a small cosy place, I think that has worked its magic on me,
but the timings right now to change it up, new year, new me, it feels like its the perfect time to look for pastures new! Here goes the search!
Any suggestions of sims or homes / land for sale would be greatly appreciated!   

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