Friday, 20 January 2012

A little help from my friends

One of the friends I have met through blogging  is fellow blogger Pinky

We realised that we have alot of things in common so just clicked with each other immediately
- you know the type of new friend where its just easy & comfortable to hang out with? thats Pinky.

Knowing that I was looking for a new home, she reached out and took me to alot of pretty awesome furniture stores inworld to give me ideas, and showed me her home aswell (which is SO cute)
- I just wanted to buy everything she showed me but had to force myself to wait. ;p

We spent a while today at MMG furniture and a few other places, although I must admit, we did get distracted a fair bit by all the things on offer :)

Me & Pinky

decisions decisions!


  1. lolz @ the donkeys or are they goatz?i want!

  2. I like this post :P Love the pictures.. and i think they was Lamas Jazmin :D they was soooooo cool, might have to get one too hehe

  3. Pinky is awesome, looks like you guys had fun :)

  4. Lol jaz! Trust u to want something u dnt knw the name of :p
    pinky thanks for tday Hun!
    Jewel ur so right! U have to join us nxt time! :)