Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Just me n' my guns

Logged inworld today & was happily suprised to see that Ivan was online,

Ivan is one of the first guys I met on SL, he introduced me to the whole 'badass - kickass' concept you can do on SL. lol. He got me into shooting zombies and wearing fingerless gloves, (lol).

He TP'd me to China, (don't ask! the whole dark misty aura in the inworld China is soooo atmospheric and perfect for badass avatars lol!) - we both always don black apparel and saunter on over there ;p lol.

me scoping the horizon for anything evil to shoot at lol!!

Ivan trying to make me understand I cannot shoot the noob that arrived nearby LOL

(note the noob who arrived behind) - me shrugging innocently & assuring Ivan i would never shoot a noob!!! lol!

Trying to to get upset when Ivan would not let me use his awesome samurai sword! 

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