Saturday, 17 September 2011

My own little place

It's been a while since Gav and i finished and sold our home,
since then I have been TP'ing all over the grid exploring, but in the back of my mind i know im a homely girl and just simply love the whole idea and thought of having your own base.

So for the short term i have got my own little home, it's quaint and in a beautiful setting, i heart it so far.

i'm still working on it, especially since Gav and I bought furniture for different rooms, so I have a half furnished house, but its mine :)

and I am really begining to love just simply being there.

i love how i feel like im in my very own castle, with these beautiful oak fortress style doors! :)

Had to do it, got out my good old Brit flag pole and placed it at the front and back door
(made me laugh, as it reminded me when i did that when me & Gav were furnishing our joint home,
him being an American he could not stop laughing and promptly placed an American flag alongside it).

the front part of my home :)

i love the fact that looking from my bathroom window you can see dolphins jumping out of the sea, how amazing! :)

working on my 'library' ive always wanted my own library! lol

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