Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A little praying never hurts

I love it when your on SL and a friend immediately sends you an TP request with a custom text entered.

No hi, how are you, no formalties. oh no, not with us lot.

I could not help but grin as I read the TP msg
' Get your ass here Reems!'
and immediately clicked teleport.

this time a friend had taken me to a snowtopped mountanious haven,
so quiet, lag free, but beautiful detail everywhere,
from the little cracks on the petering winding paths to the beautiful foliage...

we decided to see who can kick who's ass with an impromptu kung fu fight.

I dragged him to sit down,  to pray that the other one sucks.

Turned out he kicked my ass -
but i blame my heels - or i didnt pray hard enough that his ass would get kicked :)

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