Friday, 30 September 2011

The haunted house

So after catching up with some friends I thought i'd have a little wandering time, (anyone who knows me realises i cannot let a day go by on SL without wandering around looking for something unusual and different!)

I came across this big derelict creepy looking house, on closer look i can see everything was blood soaked and it was sooooo creepy. Although I had to admire the absolute detail that somebody had obviously put in to make such an atmospheric house.

I headed inside to have a better look!

The 'do not cross' seal banner was already broken before i got there!!!

The detail put into this creepy house was unbelievable, although the amount of blood reallllyyyyy freaked me out!

interestingly enough, i could see old newspapers left on the floor inside.........

Reading this made me wish i wasnt wandering in there alone! - six in a family killed!!!

some 'interesting' graffiti

  ...It was at this point i ran out of the house and tp'd myself to my sl home!
...and had to blog about it!!!


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