Friday, 23 September 2011

Gardening in sl...who needs a man? :)

So i logged in early yesterday inworld and spent a while trying to sort out my new sl house.

I figured i should actually try take a look and sort out my back gardens,

who needs a man right? i can totally sort it out! lol

I loved it :) i am so going to spend more time in my gardens, its so relaxing,

After my ex, being in our old house just really overwhelmed me with memories, and i just was constantly down.

i cant tell you how good having a new house, new surroundings around me to help me move on a bit, in a positive happy way :)

me laughing as i turned the sprinklers on and got soaking wet!

me deciding to continue getting wet & getting into a more comfortable position :) lol

daydreaming in the 'rain' - refreshing i tell you :) wondering what i do with!

as you can se, i'm pretty lazy ;)

'hiding' from the garden work lol

having a well deserved drink :)

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