Friday, 23 December 2011

Getting into the Groove

Last night i logged inworld and once I had my 'exporer fix' done and over with,
I met up with Hakim who insisted on dragging me to a dance/beach club, i was hesitant, as i've kind of gotten over that whole clubbing dancing phase - I used to go to every single club on the grid back in the day and dance every night away. Nowadays I love just chilling with my close friends or exploring.
I threw my doubts away and allowed Hakim to drag me to the dance floor,
where I really let my hair down! I ended up having such a good night and such a laugh.
I may show my face in some dance clubs more often now :)

I was so high on adrenaline at this time I insisted that Hakim and I recreate the whole 'Dirty dancing' lifting in the air move.......uh oh...despite all the inworld gymming I've been doing, all the cakes and junk food i've been gorging on, i think made Hakim struggled to lift me up fully..

yes!!!! im in the air!!! im flying!

and i come crashing down to earth ! - oh the shame! ;)

he took me to smoke some shisha after to soothe my bruised ego :p

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