Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Personal Trainer

So after stuffing myself with unlimited amounts of food over the Christmas period, and yep, more stuffing faces to be done on New Yrs Eve and New Years, i figured it would be a good idea to head over to the gym inworld earlier.
The gym owner Duc was there again on hand offering me advice and tips.
He ended up working me through all the machines and checking I was doing everything right...
(Gawd, I always end up doing everything 50x crappier when someones watching)
- and then Duc insisted I needed to have a massage afterwards to unwind my muscles.
I did resist but he said he knew what he was doing & practically dragged me there.
I kinda clammed up and went as red as a tomato during the massage,
made my excuses midd-massage and ran outta the gym like the wind,
Duc must have been proud at my speed right?

i did suggest to Duc to hang a piece of cake in front of me to make me run faster, he just gave me a look that shut me right up

10 mins later and i'm like dying right here and trying not to collapse

''yes sir!''
yep, such a flattering shot of me right??

So i'm feeling so awkward here, & esp when he looks at me like i'm a kid when i insist on leaving my underwear on.*coughs* - i ran off like the wind 2 mins after this..
...anyone want my gym membership? :P


  1. ROFL! how do ya get yaself into these situations Ree Ree! lol

  2. i know i know! lol. you have to come with me next time! :)