Friday, 23 December 2011

Snowy memories

I was on Plurk earlier when there was a talk on making snowmen,
i used to loveeeeee making snowmen, back when we were kids, us siblings used to have competitions,
'sisters against brothers' on who could make the best snowman,
 it was awesome, there were more of us sisters so we always won.
- until our brothers suddenly had growth spurts and ended up being 6 ft tall lanky guys and could make the most unbeatable snowmen ever!
Us sisters havent won the snowman contest in years now lol.
Even now, during this time of year, when all the family get together, (of course now including all my siblings little kids so its a riot), and we still have the ritual of making snowmen, but its called 'girls against boys', but they  outnumber us now, what with all the nephews we have!
I decided to venture out inworld and try see if i could make an awesome snowman,
turns out I'm pretty rubbish ;p

yeah, i didnt make that big one on the right, see the small little pile on the floor, thats what I made :)

I think this snowman has a little too much xmas spirit!!

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