Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sn'ow cold !

After our dance off on the beach yesterday, me & Rina decided to wrap up warm and head out to one of the many winter wonderlands inworld.
Did I mention how i adore this time of year?!
We pelted each other with snowballs until we both were black & blue, and then sat back watching others get pelted until they fell on their asses  - too much fun :p

Me being.....well, me ;p

Me & Rina messing about and being goofy 

we act like the every street or sim is our very own catwalk....

..before collapsing into giggles

 Rina's friend Anji arrived, looking like she was freezing her ass ...only Anji would arrive wearing next to nothing!

Rina made us fall into laughter when she made a comment regarding the cold and Anji's ni*ples.....yea, i snorted.

I love love being with my friends inworld :)

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