Saturday, 31 December 2011

The year gone by and the one that is near...

I thought i'd write a quick post before heading out about the New Year and the year just gone.

Im the type of girl that is very family orientated in RL (I havent really done the whole family thing in SL yet!).

Growing up I remember at times just so frustrated by having so many sisters,
so many ppl in the house, sharing bedrooms, waiting forever to go to the bathroom, fighting over outfits, squabbles over

I think of all those things now and it makes me smile, they're all such fond memories...
I think thats why I've always said to myself that when I'm all 'grown up' and married like my sisters,
I will have a lot of children..(God willing). i used to say when I was a kid, that i'd have a football team lol.

Despite the MANY arguments and bitching sisters and brothers do, I realised the long and hard way of a family's worth, its priceless.
there's no one more willing to fight FOR you,
to support you in reaching your dreams,
to celebrate victories with you whilst knowing what it cost you to get there.....

I'll be forever grateful to God for giving me all of my siblings,
for allowing us to know, when we are all older, to still love each other fiercely and be there.

The last year has been a big one for all my family,
there has been new a niece and a nephew born,
houses bought,
a family death which shattered us,
and so many birthdays...
whilst next year its my brothers wedding....

Everything has brought my family more closer and tighter as a unit.

I pray the New Year continues that,
may we all be healthy, happy and surrounded by the ones we love.

I'm not even sure if many ppl read this blog, it's something I find comfort in, and I love voicing my thoughts and enconters in SL on here. And I really appreciate the guys that do read this, your feedback and positivity has meant alot to me.
I started out only 2 months or so ago with this blog, it's brought  me much pleasure and it's enabled me to meet fantastic ppl inworld in SL along the way.

I sincerely hope this continues next year

Happy New Year guys! May we all be blessed x


  1. Awww Happy New Yeaer 2u 2 Reema! Luvin your bloggin' n i love ya! stay happy! have a gud one! XxX

  2. aww what a lovely post, happy new year Reema, hope it is a awesome one for you :)

  3. Happy New Year to you Reema! Here's to a great new year - keep up the blogging i do enjoy it :D