Monday, 19 December 2011

Wnding down

Last night, after a manic weekend RL wise, I slipped into SL and decided to chill out at home,

I love evenings, sitting out on the verandah  at my house inworld, espeically at this time of the year, with the twinkling lights and warmth

Sitting out there reminds me of old family holidays in RL, when my father used to take us all back to his home country in the Far away eastern lands.

Us siblings all living in Dads sprawling villa,
with the huge wrap-around verandahs circling the radius of the house, we all used to gather out there in the evenings and play games, have sing alongs, drink fresh iced lemon water our grandmother would make, and just enjoy each others company.
It was absolutely brilliant those times.
Have'nt been there in years sadly, all my other siblings are grown up, married with kids now.....those family holidays are just a distant memory now.

My mother always used to say to us back then to always remember these times, as they will never come back again. Never truer words spoken!

Sometimes just simply doing nothing is the most peaceful thing in the world.

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